What We Do

We search, analyze and come up with creative and unique brands and ideas for your business.

The process involves researches and analyzing in order to create a unique name and brand image for your products /places/services, mainly through the logo, identity,  visuals, printed material,  advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and mark a presence in the market retains loyal; customers.

Content Creation




Menu Engineering

For a current or future restaurant, we evaluate your menu performance by breaking down the process and methodically selecting, costing, pricing, and evaluating your items. We allow you to better understand which items to sell and which to remove, whilst also giving you a clear indicator of which items are positively contributing to your bottom line.

Brand Identity Creation & Development

More than a name and a logo, a brand is a true storyteller – it has a personality that you can relate too, something tangible that you can touch, and an experience that you can feel and remember. Our branding team will use the market research to understand the target segment that your concept needs to communicate with, and develop a brand with a soul and an engaging story to tell.

Marketing, Social Media & PR

We establish a top-line marketing plan that includes developing the strategies for your product, pricing, location and promotions. This will enable you to engage your target audience through social media, press relations, website development, search engine marketing, partnerships, online advertising and content creation, which includes specialised F&B photography and videography.

Website Design

Our web development team can help you craft an elegant web design that fits your brand.

Event Planning & Management

Event branding and planning, weddings and Parties.

Photography & Videography

Creating special advertising campaigns, short videos, stories and so on along with menu photography and lifestyle photos.

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